Wheels & Rims


Wheels and Rims

Jordi’s Tire Shop has the wheels you need to repair your tires, upgrade the wheels only, or replace the tire and wheels. Don’t settle for boring, standard wheels with a muted finish. We have shiny chrome with several finishes and spoke patterns, embellishments, and hub caps designs. We have the size you need to fit any car, SUV, or truck.

We have a large stock of manufacturer specific wheels from well-known companies. These include Ford, Chrysler, Hundai, Altima, Mazda, Toyota, and several other car brands. Finishes range from frosted silver to white to shiny chrome. Jordi’s Tire Shop offers the best deals in chrome wheels in the area. We have 20”, 22”, 24” and 26” wheels. These fit cars, trucks, vans, and SUVs.

We can install one or all of your new wheels, using the same tires you already have or new tires. Our shop is continually offers deals and specials on our wheels in addition to tires. Browse our organized inventory or work with our technicians to find the best products for your car.