Pirelli Scorpion WeatherActive vs Michelin CrossClimate 2: Wet Handling & Fuel Efficiency

Choosing the right all-weather tire can make a world of difference in your driving experience, especially in varying conditions. Two popular contenders in this space are the Pirelli Scorpion WeatherActive and the Michelin CrossClimate 2. Both promise exceptional performance, but how do they stack up against each other?

The Pirelli Scorpion WeatherActive has garnered attention for its adaptability in wet conditions and its innovative design. Meanwhile, the Michelin CrossClimate 2 is renowned for its year-round reliability and superior traction on both dry and slippery roads. With so many drivers seeking dependable tires for their vehicles, understanding the strengths and weaknesses of these two options is crucial.

In this article, you’ll find a detailed comparison of the Pirelli Scorpion WeatherActive and the Michelin CrossClimate 2, helping you make an informed decision for your next tire purchase.

Overview of Pirelli Scorpion WeatherActive and Michelin CrossClimate 2

The Pirelli Scorpion WeatherActive and Michelin CrossClimate 2 are top contenders in the all-season tire market. Each offers unique features designed to enhance performance, handling, and safety across various conditions.

Pirelli Scorpion WeatherActive

Pirelli’s Scorpion WeatherActive tire excels in wet and winter conditions. It features a directional tread pattern with five distinct columns, improving water dispersion and wet traction. Available in tire sizes ranging from 15 to 19 inches, it caters to various vehicles with speed ratings of H and V and load ratings of SL and XL.

The Scorpion WeatherActive boasts a tread depth of 11/32 inches and weighs between 19 and 32 lbs, depending on size. Its UTQG rating is 700 AA, and it comes with a treadwear warranty of 60,000 miles. While it delivers a quieter ride than some competitors, it creates slightly more noise in the 30-40 mph range.

Feature Specification
Tire Sizes 15 to 19 inches
Speed Ratings H, V
Load Ratings SL, XL
Tread Depth 11/32 inches
Weight Range 19 to 32 lbs
Treadwear Warranty 60,000 miles
UTQG Rating 700 AA

Michelin CrossClimate 2

Michelin’s CrossClimate 2 is engineered for year-round reliability and high traction on dry and slippery roads. This tire balances performance in various weather conditions, making it an excellent choice for those seeking versatility.

The CrossClimate 2 has been featured in independent tire tests with positive feedback. It provides superior traction and handling, especially in dry conditions, making it a reliable option for different climates.

Comparisons between the two tires highlight that while the Pirelli Scorpion WeatherActive excels in wet and winter performance, the Michelin CrossClimate 2 offers more consistent traction across a range of road conditions. These distinctions can help you identify the best tire for your specific driving needs.

Performance Comparison

The Pirelli Scorpion WeatherActive and Michelin CrossClimate 2 stand out for various driving conditions. Both tires offer unique strengths that cater to different preferences.

Dry Performance

Pirelli Scorpion WeatherActive: Offers a quieter ride compared to the Michelin CrossClimate 2. Demonstrates excellent stability and control on dry road surfaces.

Michelin CrossClimate 2: Provides reliable traction and grip on dry roads. While not as quiet as the Pirelli, it still ensures a smooth ride.

Wet Performance

Pirelli Scorpion WeatherActive: Delivers commendable performance in wet conditions, though it does not surpass the Michelin CrossClimate 2 in wet directional grip. Limits hydroplaning effectively.

Michelin CrossClimate 2: Excels with superior wet directional grip for rapid acceleration and deceleration. Ensures higher resistance to hydroplaning, making it a safer choice for wet road conditions.

Snow Performance

Pirelli Scorpion WeatherActive: Performs well in icy conditions and provides a quieter ride. However, it trails the CrossClimate 2 in handling powdery snow.

Michelin CrossClimate 2: Demonstrates superior performance in snow and wet conditions. Handles powdery snow better than the Pirelli, ensuring safer and more reliable winter driving.

Comfort and Noise Level

The Pirelli Scorpion WeatherActive and Michelin CrossClimate 2 both aim to provide a comfortable and quiet ride across various weather conditions. However, there are notable differences between the two.

Noise Level

The Pirelli Scorpion WeatherActive offers a quieter ride compared to the Michelin CrossClimate 2. Users often report a smoother and quieter experience, especially in inclement weather. This makes the WeatherActive a preferred choice for those seeking minimal road noise. In contrast, the Michelin CrossClimate 2, while providing a relatively comfortable ride, tends to be slightly noisier. Some users have noted that the noise level can be distracting, especially on rough surfaces.


Both tires are designed for comfort, but the Pirelli Scorpion WeatherActive generally excels, particularly in dry and icy conditions. The dense full-depth siping and interlocking structure of the WeatherActive enhance traction and comfort on icy surfaces. The tire is praised for its ability to maintain a smooth and comfortable ride, even under harsh weather conditions.

The Michelin CrossClimate 2 also provides a high level of comfort. Users appreciate its performance in various conditions, although it doesn’t match the WeatherActive in icy scenarios. Despite this, its versatile design ensures a comfortable ride year-round, making it a reliable option for those who encounter diverse weather patterns.

User Feedback and Reviews

User reviews provide additional insights into the comfort and noise levels of these tires. Many Tesla owners on forums have expressed satisfaction with the Pirelli Scorpion WeatherActive, particularly praising its quietness and comfort. Some users mentioned issues with ordering specific sizes but were pleased with the performance once fitted. Conversely, the Michelin CrossClimate 2 garners positive feedback for its overall reliability and comfort, though some users mention the slightly higher noise levels.

The Pirelli Scorpion WeatherActive tends to offer a quieter and more comfortable ride, especially in challenging weather, while the Michelin CrossClimate 2 balances comfort with reliable all-season performance.

Durability and Value

Choosing the right tire for your SUV involves understanding durability and value. Both the Pirelli Scorpion WeatherActive and Michelin CrossClimate 2 offer strong attributes in these areas.

Tire Wear

Pirelli Scorpion WeatherActive tires are known for durability and even tread wear. They come with an 11/32″ tread depth across all sizes and a 60,000-mile treadwear warranty, showcasing long-term value. Their UTQG (Uniform Tire Quality Grading) rating stands at 700 AA, indicating superior treadwear and traction capabilities. The weight range is between 19 and 32 lbs, making them lighter and potentially more fuel-efficient.

Michelin CrossClimate 2 tires also offer long tread life and even wear patterns. They feature a slightly lower tread depth at 10.5/32″ but maintain the same 60,000-mile treadwear warranty. The UTQG rating is 640 B A, suggesting solid performance but slightly lower in treadwear and temperature resistance compared to Pirelli. Weighing between 25 and 36.5 lbs, these tires provide a stable yet heavier option.


The Pirelli Scorpion WeatherActive is priced similarly to the Michelin CrossClimate 2, delivering significant value for its durable and evenly wearing tread. With high ratings and a consistent performance record, these tires present a cost-effective solution for SUV owners.

Michelin CrossClimate 2 is widely considered a cost-effective option due to its well-balanced performance and durability. Despite a higher weight range, these tires still offer reliable traction and comfort, making them an attractive choice for many drivers.

Both tire models offer strong cost efficiency and value, helping you make an informed decision for your SUV’s needs.

User Reviews and Real-World Experiences

Noise Level

The Pirelli Scorpion WeatherActive outperforms the Michelin CrossClimate 2 in noise reduction, especially on rough roads. Users often report a quieter, more comfortable ride with the WeatherActive. However, when compared to the Michelin Primacy LTX OEM tires, the WeatherActive can produce slightly more noise on uneven surfaces. This minimal difference doesn’t detract from the overall quiet experience most users enjoy.

Fuel Economy

Fuel efficiency stands as a crucial factor for many drivers. The Michelin CrossClimate 2 has been observed to reduce fuel economy by about 10%, which may affect your overall driving costs. In contrast, the Pirelli Scorpion WeatherActive impacts fuel efficiency minimally, leading to a modest drop of 1-2 mpg. Users appreciate this smaller trade-off, making it a more economical choice over long distances.

Wet Performance

User reviews highlight exceptional wet performance for both tire models. The Pirelli Cinturato All Season SF2, often referenced in comparative studies, shows superior wet handling compared to the Michelin CrossClimate 2, being 0.072 km/h faster on average around a wet lap. Though not the same model, this performance trend is indicative of Pirelli’s strong wet handling capabilities, which extend to the WeatherActive series. Users in regions with frequent rain note that the Pirelli tires offer reliable grip and control on wet roads.

Buying Experience

Some users find the buying process for the Pirelli Scorpion WeatherActive tires challenging, especially when using platforms like Tire Rack or Discount Tire. These platforms sometimes indicate that the tires do not fit specific vehicle models, such as the Tesla Model Y. If you encounter this, consider purchasing without specifying the vehicle model or confirming fitment independently. Despite this hurdle, the overall experience with the Pirelli tire remains positive, thanks to its performance and comfort.

Long-Term Performance

User feedback on long-term performance for both tires underscores their reliability. The Pirelli Scorpion WeatherActive is praised for even tread wear and sustained comfort over thousands of miles. Conversely, the Michelin CrossClimate 2 also receives commendations for its consistent performance and durability, despite some sacrifice in fuel efficiency and noise levels. Both tire models are valued for providing strong, dependable service for extended use.


Choosing between the Pirelli Scorpion WeatherActive and the Michelin CrossClimate 2 ultimately depends on your specific needs. If noise reduction and fuel efficiency are high priorities, the Pirelli tire stands out. However, if you’re willing to sacrifice a bit of fuel economy for excellent wet handling, the Michelin tire is a strong contender.

Both tires have proven reliable and offer long-term performance. While some users report fitment issues with Pirelli, the overall buying experience for both is positive. Whether you drive a Tesla or another SUV, either tire will provide dependable service and value.

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