Michelin Pilot Super Sport vs Pilot Sport 4S: Detailed Comparison

When it comes to high-performance tires, Michelin’s Pilot Super Sport and Pilot Sport 4S are often at the top of the list. Whether you’re a weekend racer or just want the best for your daily drive, choosing between these two can be challenging. Both offer exceptional grip, handling, and durability, but they cater to slightly different needs.

Understanding the key differences between the Pilot Super Sport and Pilot Sport 4S can help you make an informed decision. In this article, you’ll discover how each tire performs in various conditions and which one suits your driving style and vehicle best. Let’s dive into the details to see which Michelin tire reigns supreme.

Overview of Michelin Pilot Super Sport

Design and Construction

Michelin’s Pilot Super Sport targets high-performance enthusiasts seeking durability and precision. Developed initially for supercars like the Ferrari 599 GTO, this tire uses a Bi-Compound design. The outboard shoulder employs a Le Mans-developed rubber compound for superior dry grip. The inboard uses a compound designed for wet stability.

Performance in Dry Conditions

This tire excels in dry conditions. Rigorous track tests reveal its exceptional cornering grip and stability. The tread pattern maximizes contact with the road, ensuring even pressure distribution. Additionally, the tire’s responsive steering improves the driving experience.

Performance in Wet Conditions

While optimized for dry roads, the Pilot Super Sport also performs well in the wet. Its Variable Contact Patch 2.0 technology adjusts the tire’s footprint for better grip in wet conditions. Hydroplaning resistance and wet braking are commendable, making it a versatile option.

Longevity and Durability

The Pilot Super Sport offers impressive longevity. Michelin’s use of Twaron belt technology enhances high-speed performance and durability. Real-world usage confirms a longer tread life compared to other high-performance tires, making it a cost-effective choice.

Ideal Applications

This tire suits high-performance vehicles and spirited driving. Ideal for drivers who frequently engage in high-speed cornering and seek superior grip. Its balanced performance in both dry and wet conditions makes it suitable for multi-environment use.

Overview of Michelon Pilot Sport 4S

The Michelin Pilot Sport 4S provides a blend of performance and comfort, making it a popular choice for both enthusiasts and everyday drivers. This tire utilizes an advanced rubber compound to enhance grip on dry and wet roads, ensuring superior handling. The tread design optimizes traction while reducing road noise, contributing to a quieter ride.

Michelin incorporates Dynamic Response Technology in the Pilot Sport 4S, applying a hybrid belt of aramid and nylon to enhance steering precision. This technology results in better road feedback, providing a more responsive driving experience. The tire’s asymmetric tread pattern further improves stability, especially during high-speed maneuvers.

When considering wet conditions, the Pilot Sport 4S stands out due to its use of silica compounds. The deep grooves and wider channels effectively evacuate water, reducing the risk of hydroplaning and enhancing wet traction. This makes it suitable for various weather conditions.

The Pilot Sport 4S also delivers on longevity. Michelin’s commitment to durability is evident with this tire, which offers an extended tread life compared to many competitors. This longevity, combined with the tire’s performance characteristics, creates a reliable option for both spirited driving and daily use.

Drivers of high-performance sedans, sports cars, and coupes frequently choose the Pilot Sport 4S for its versatile performance. Whether cornering at high speeds or navigating wet roads, this tire provides a balanced experience that combines agility with comfort.

Overall, the Michelin Pilot Sport 4S excels in providing a well-rounded performance tire that meets the needs of a diverse range of drivers looking for both high performance and durability.

Performance Comparison

When comparing the Michelin Pilot Super Sport and Pilot Sport 4S, several performance factors stand out.

Dry Traction

The Pilot Super Sport offers exceptional dry traction, ideal for track days and spirited driving. Its high-grip rubber compounds and rigid construction ensure maximum contact with the road. The Pilot Sport 4S provides competitive performance, thanks to its advanced rubber formulations and Dynamic Response Technology. Both tires perform admirably in dry conditions, but the Pilot Super Sport edges out slightly in sheer grip.

Wet Traction

Wet traction is another important parameter. The Pilot Super Sport uses a unique tread pattern and compound to maintain grip even in damp conditions. However, the Pilot Sport 4S excels in this category, featuring an optimized silica compound and an asymmetric tread pattern that effectively channel water away. This results in superior wet traction and reduced hydroplaning risks, making the Pilot Sport 4S more reliable in rainy conditions.

Road Noise And Comfort

In terms of road noise and comfort, the Pilot Sport 4S shines. Its design focuses on reducing noise levels while providing a smooth ride. The Pilot Super Sport, engineered for performance, sacrifices some comfort for better grip and handling. For daily driving, the Pilot Sport 4S offers a quieter and more comfortable experience.

These attributes guide you in selecting the right tire based on specific performance needs and preferences.

Durability and Tread Life

Michelin Pilot Super Sport

Michelin’s Pilot Super Sport offers impressive durability for a high-performance tire. The hybrid aramid and nylon construction strengthens the tire, extending tread life. However, due to the performance-oriented design, tread wear may accelerate under aggressive driving. For regular street use, the tire’s longevity satisfies most drivers, but expect reduced lifespan with frequent track use due to high-speed cornering and braking.

Michelin Pilot Sport 4S

The Pilot Sport 4S outperforms in durability under diverse driving conditions. Michelin incorporates a specialized rubber compound that enhances both performance and tread life. The design balances sporty behavior with wear resistance, resulting in a tire that’s well-suited for daily driving and occasional track days. Compared to the Pilot Super Sport, the Pilot Sport 4S offers improved tread longevity, especially in mixed driving scenarios, thanks to the innovative hybrid tread design that evenly distributes wear.

Tire Model Tread Life Best Use Case
Pilot Super Sport Moderate Track, Spirited Driving
Pilot Sport 4S High Daily Driving, Occasional Track

Price and Value for Money

Cost Comparison

When comparing the costs, the Pilot Sport 4S generally carries a higher initial price than the Pilot Super Sport. For example, a 255/35ZR19 Pilot Sport 4S might cost around $250, while the same size in a Pilot Super Sport could be priced about $220. These prices fluctuate depending on the retailer and season.

Longevity and Investment

Considering investment, the Pilot Sport 4S offers better value due to its enhanced durability. Although the initial cost is higher, the Pilot Sport 4S tends to last longer, providing more miles per dollar. On average, users report the Pilot Sport 4S lasting up to 30,000 miles compared to the Pilot Super Sport’s 25,000 miles.

Performance vs. Price

In terms of performance per dollar, both tires excel in their categories. The Pilot Super Sport might appeal more to track enthusiasts due to its superior dry traction, while the Pilot Sport 4S offers balanced performance suitable for varied weather conditions. If you prioritize all-season capability and longevity, the Pilot Sport 4S provides a justified price premium.

User Reviews and Feedback

General Impressions

User reviews show high satisfaction with both Michelin Pilot Super Sport and Pilot Sport 4S tires. Drivers appreciate the enhanced handling capabilities they offer. The Pilot Super Sport is often praised for its outstanding dry grip, making it a favorite for track enthusiasts. Conversely, the Pilot Sport 4S receives accolades for providing a balanced performance in varied conditions, including wet roads.

Performance Comparisons

Comparisons frequently highlight the Pilot Super Sport’s ability to deliver exceptional cornering stability and responsiveness on dry surfaces. Users note its precision and control during high-speed maneuvers. In contrast, the Pilot Sport 4S stands out for its superior wet traction and hydroplaning resistance. Reviewers emphasize the confidence it provides in rainy weather, knowing it can navigate wet conditions securely.

Comfort and Noise Levels

Regarding comfort, users often commend the Pilot Sport 4S for its quiet and smooth ride. Feedback indicates that it handles road imperfections well, contributing to a more comfortable driving experience. The Pilot Super Sport, though slightly noisier, still provides a comfortable ride given its high-performance nature.

Durability and Tread Life

Durability reviews reflect that the Pilot Sport 4S generally offers longer tread life compared to the Pilot Super Sport. Users have noted that even with spirited driving, the Pilot Sport 4S maintains its performance over a greater mileage. The Pilot Super Sport, while durable, shows quicker tread wear under aggressive driving conditions.

Value for Money

In terms of value for money, users feel that the Pilot Sport 4S provides better long-term value despite a higher initial cost. Reviews often mention that the enhanced durability and all-weather performance make it a worthwhile investment for daily drivers. The Pilot Super Sport, while offering superb performance on dry tracks, is seen as a more specialized option.


Choosing between the Michelin Pilot Super Sport and Pilot Sport 4S depends on your driving needs and preferences. If you’re a track enthusiast seeking exceptional dry grip and cornering stability, the Pilot Super Sport is an excellent choice. However, if you value balanced performance in various conditions, especially wet roads, and prioritize comfort and durability for daily driving, the Pilot Sport 4S stands out. Both tires offer remarkable performance, but the Pilot Sport 4S provides better long-term value with its enhanced durability and all-weather capabilities. Ultimately, your decision should align with your driving style and requirements.

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