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Jordi’s Tire Shop in Carrollton and Dallas is the only place you need to go for tires. Our number one priority is providing our customer with the best tire service and the largest inventory of new and used tires and wheels in Dallas and Carrollton. We offer our customer a vast selection of aftermarket and OEM wheels for your all car and trucks. We carry all major brands at the best prices in town.

Jordi’s Tire Shop is family-owned and we treat our customer like family. We do our best to find you the best used or new tire for your vehicle. When you visit one of our two locations, you will leave with the assurance that we saved you money.

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Offering a wide range
tire repair services

We have tires for every price range, performance goal, and weather concern. This includes all-season, low profile, off-road, snow, truck, all-terrain, mud, performance, and SUV tires.

Pressure Sensors

Pressure Sensor Services you can count on!

Is your Tire Pressure Monitoring System light on? All of our store locations can help diagnose and fix any situation involving TPMS alerts. We’ll identify your TPMS issue at no charge.


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New Tires

Jordi’s Tire Shop in Carrollton and Dallas, Texas has a vast selection of both new and used tires. We have sizes and styles to fit any vehicle,

Used Tires

Are you looking for a used set of tires but don’t want to spend a lot of time or money? We’ve got you covered! Check out our used tires.

Wheels & Rims

Jordi’s Tire Shop has the wheels you need to repair your tires, upgrade the wheels only, or replace the tire and wheels. Don’t settle for boring, standard wheels with a muted finish.

Pressure Sensors

Is your Tire Pressure Monitoring System light on? All of our store locations can help diagnose and fix any situation involving TPMS alerts.

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Auto-care Tips and Advices


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